Don’t be overwhelmed. Let me help you find the answers. Get Knowledge for College can simplify the process for the entire family. Choosing to work with Mr. Mastroianni will :

  • Encourage your child to believe in themselves and meet their educational goals.
  • Help relieve the stress between you and your child in this time-consuming college search process,
  • Save you money by helping select the best-fit college and increase the likelihood of a positive college experience.

Imagine this…

  • Your child knows which careers and majors will fit his/her personality and interests.
  • You know how to navigate the financial aid process and understand merit and need-based aid.
  • Your child knows which college they will thrive at.
  • Your child completes college applications, essays, and financial aid forms well before they’re due.

Sound impossible?

It’s not.

It’s what we do at Get Knowledge for College.

Need Help With College Admissions?

The college search and application process should be an enjoyable experience.
Learn what steps your child needs to take – during each year of high school – to get into their best-fit college.
Click on the appropriate box below. You may be surprised …

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In the near future, your child will be going to college. You hope that they have the know-how to thrive in this new environment. Do you ever wonder what the key criteria is for your child’s success?   This quote from Calvin Coolidge says it all: “Nothing in this world can take the place of…

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Where Do I Start?

Let’s face it.  By the time most parents start thinking about college admissions, it feels like they are already behind the 8 ball!  For that very reason, Get Knowledge For College was born and is 100% dedicated to being the best resource for parents and soon-to-be college students. The information we share on our website…

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Making the Most of Your Senior Year

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