Michael Mastroianni, Independent Educational Consultant

Michael has been in the education field for over 44 years. His professional experience stretches across the education and counseling spectrum, having worked as a high school counselor for the past 20 years and a college instructor at three universities.

He was the founder and executive director of an innovative private K-8 school. He worked as both an elementary and junior high teacher. He held jobs as a Boys Club counselor, hospital crisis counselor, family therapist, and Florida Division of Child Services counselor. He has written 25+ self-help articles ranging from tips on selecting the right kindergarten to the dangers of teenagers smoking marijuana.

Michael recently retired after 44 years as a teacher, counselor, principal, college instructor, and therapist. He enjoyed the stress-free life and did some traveling, but something was missing…

Get Knowledge for College will provide your teenager with all the tools and training to get accepted at his/her first-choice college or university. My passion for the past 25 years was to help my students get into a college, decide on a major, and pay for their education. Your child’s future is so important and worth this small investment.

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Born in Massachusetts, Michael grew up in New Jersey and attended college in West Virginia. Since 1974 he has called Florida his home, but there’s no denying from his accent that he’s originally from the Northeast. Michael’s proudest accomplishments are his two sons. He would be the first to tell you that he didn’t understand this depth of love until the birth of his first child, often recalling that moment that took his breath away. His oldest son now works as an architectural draftsman while his younger son is a hospice/palliative care doctor.

The Vision

Helped thousands of teenagers

While watching a Delta rocket launch near his Florida home, he had a revelation. As a counselor, he has helped thousands of teenagers achieve their dreams of a college education. And he still enjoyed working with teenagers.

As a parent, he understood the often overwhelming stress of college planning, and the high school and college admissions process. Why not share his life experiences and professional expertise with teenagers and parents? Thus, the concept of the Get Knowledge for College program was born. His popular “Mistakes in College Planning” books and college planning video courses have made evident the need to continue offering counseling to parents and students during the college planning and college application process.

He can’t tell a lie

He is 100% Italian and proud of it!
  • In 1998, He traveled to Italy on a personal mission to find his grandfather’s hometown.
  • It was a life-changing experience. He discovered that he had family in Italy!
  • This journey allowed him to uncover that he was part of a much larger family in Italy and England.


  • As a result I wrote a historical novel entitled, Born in Italy: Loved in America, based on my grandparents’ journey to the USA in 1909.

  • He is committed to drinking an expresso every morning whether he needs it or not.
  • He longs to return to Italy soon to relax at a sidewalk cafe, drink expresso, eat gelato, and enjoy life the Italian way.