Comprehensive College Planning Videos


Boot Camp: College Success Strategies (self-paced)

Jumpstart your teen’s search for a college, major, and financial aid with this nine-module video overview of the admission and application process. The College Search and College Application process can be daunting and overwhelming!


College Mastery Series (self-paced)

As your child advances through this short and informative thirty-three video modules, they will master the college admission process and learn the skills needed to get into the college of their choice.

Get Knowledge for College

Boot Camp

Jumpstart your teenager’s search for a college, major, and financial aid.

What Will I Learn?

  • Jumpstart your college search. Learn the basics. It pulls back the curtain and provides you with the tools and training to begin navigating the college admission process.
  • Write a 4-year high school plan that will put you head and shoulders above your classmates.
  • Sidestep the 3 biggest mistakes that will absolutely, positively sabotage your college admission.

Get Knowledge for College

Mastery Course

Mastering the College Admissions Process and Helping Your Student Get Into the College of Choice.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop a 4-year high school plan that will prepare students to get into their first-choice college.
  • Thoroughly understand the college application and financial aid process.
  • Have at your disposal, all the tools and tips for being successful in college.
  • Find and apply for numerous financial aid packages.
  • You will need a word processor to completed several parts of the application process.
  • Create and send A+ level college applications.
  • Ace the complicated college admissions process.
  • Choose the right college and major.

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